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Renee is the superwoman-mastermind-designer-CEO behind all Ladee Taha© designs. Originally from New Zealand, Renée left her home town on her 20th birthday to move to Canada. Her innate inquisitiveness, open mind, love for people, design, creativity and festivals - she attended Burning Man four years in a row - all played a primary role into her traveling the world and starting the Ladee Taha© label. Renée was that girl on the festival grounds who turned heads with her bedazzling outfits - which she always designed herself. Specifically inspired by the free-spirited vibrations of Burning Man, where anything is possible and wild dreams come true, Ladee Taha© was born. Initially finding inspiration in second-hand stores, creating outfits from crazy one-piece items, Renée soon found herself designing everything from scratch. If you visited Bali in 2013, chances were high you passed Renée scooting around with some of her first patterns on a quest to find the right fabric and tailor who could bring to life the designs she envisioned. Living her best life in Bali, where a sunrise surf, sunset walks with pooch Karma, attending live gigs, some serious boogie-time, and real-talk with friends over mouth-watering food are only a heartbeat away, Renée put her roots down in Canggu. This surf-hub on the South-West coast of Bali has played a huge part in her trajectory at the ‘School of Life & Design’ so far. It is the place she calls home. Renée has built a small fun-loving family around the Ladee Taha© brand. Always holding everyone’s best interest at heart, Renée values the personal relationships she built with all the Ladee Taha© staff. Honoring fair trade and using high quality and environmentally friendly materials are a few of the values that reflect the Ladee Taha© mission and vision. If you’re in Canggu and see Renée scooting past with puppy Karma, or you meet her in the surf line-up at 6 am, don’t feel shy to say hi!